kristen s. wilkins

Experiments Taken For Granted

These mini-series are documentations of environmental deformities I have witnessed. "Toxic Waters" is a collection of U.S. waterways impacted by human activity. "Tree Sacrifices" is a series of rubbings of cut down trees, documenting why they were cut. "Stripper Pits" is a series of screen captures documenting the landscape patterns made by surface or strip mining. These locations have become recreational destinations as well as dump sights for crimes.

Mississippi River, New Orleans: Fertilizer accumulation here has created a 6000 square mile dead zone in the Gulf of Mexico; from the "Toxic Waters"

Florida Gulf Coast: The normally-seasonal red tide has lasted a record 15 months, fed by fertilizer run-off redirected from an inland lake, costing millions in the fishing and tourism Industry; from the "Toxic Waters" series

Ohio River, Indiana: Source my drinking water; Most polluted body of water in the United States; from the "Toxic Waters" series

Dead Horse Bay, New York: Eroded landfill; from the "Toxic Waters" series

Eagle Slough Wetlands, Indiana: Bird Sanctuary that Seasonally Fills With Garbage When the River Floods, from the "Toxic Waters" series

Lake Michigan: Invasive salt water species, such as the Alewives, have contributed to the decline of native species, yet are poorly adapted to increasing water temperature fluctuations, from the "Toxic Waters" series

Wabash River, means Clear White Waters

Tree Sacrifices series

1. 54-year old ash tree, cut down to make room for new residential construction. At the time, there were 5,736 vacant houses in that town.

2. Maple tree, cut down when crew got the wrong address

3. Double trunk, 57-year old black walnut tree, cut down to grant road construction access through a neighborhood 

Tree Sacrifices #1

Tree Sacrifices #2

Tree Sacrifices #3

Some Stripper Pits, inkjet prints, installation, dimensions vary, 2015 These screen captures reveal the manipulations of the surface after a strip mining operation has "rehabilitated" the site.
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