kristen s. wilkins

Project: Indiana Photo History Blog

I have been writing essays about my research into vernacular photography, personal photos, and archival Indiana photographers, particularly Nellie Coutant (1872-1956). I started these essays as rough drafts for something longer, trying to put her into the photo historical and social contexts of her times. I once lamented a critique’s quote that Nellie was “so famous, we need not discuss her further” (paraphrase) as being the only mention of her in a critical article. I have since discovered dozens of references to her works. I have been researching her for ten years, and believe I have the most extensive collection of information available. Slowly, I am arranging it on this blog, which includes examples from my personal photo archive (for example, i collect images of women teaching, working, or in college), and samples of historical news items related to women, education, and photography (particularly in Indiana/the Midwest in the late 19th, early 20th centuries). 

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