kristen s. wilkins

Videos with dogs

I have been experimenting with making quick, short looping videos with the dogs. They may be mo homage to William Wegman’s early video work, or John Divola’s “Dogs Chasing My Car in the Desert”. I like the idea of making work with them, but with YouTube and the easy-access to video taking and editing technologies, I’m not sure they are interesting anymore. While the Wegman and Divola pieces had a certain banality, they were also fresh at the time. 

I made these to be fun, to be unexpected, to expose the actions of the dogs compared to what we would do. “Laser on Target” (above) is meant to look like a first-person shooter meets Blair Witch; the undulation of the laser in the dark is the indexical indication of the animals chasing it, even when they can’t be seen. “Luna and the Birds” (below) reflects the dog’s patience, as she listens and looks for the birds. 

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